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PERFOSKIN Home фото - 1 -20% ONLY TODAY 
PERFOSKIN Home фото - 2 -20% ONLY TODAY 
PERFOSKIN Home фото - 3
1599.00 UAH
Injector 5 ml
  • Injector 5 ml
Product code: 0031
by card
Made in: Ukraine
Sales in: 4 countries
Efficiency: clinically proven
Characteristics PERFOSKIN Home:
  • Restores skin tone and elasticity
  • Rejuvenate the face and body
  • Smoothes the relief and tone of the skin
  • Глубоко увлажняет кожу
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PERFOSKIN Device A unique device for increasing skin elasticity and delivering active substances into the epidermis

PERFOSKIN Prederm A special formula containing 5 ml of active substances - hyaluronic acid and succinic acid

PERFOSKIN Home - unique complex for the face and body providing a rejuvenating and lifting effect.

Unlike conventional creams, serums and other similar products, PERFOSKIN Home is not just a cosmetic product, but a whole system of "targeted delivery" of useful ingredients into the skin and consists of 2 components:

  • PERFOSKIN Device - a unique device with needles 0.44 mm long. Mechanically affects the skin, accelerating microcirculation and metabolic processes, as well as facilitating the penetration of active ingredients.
  • PERFOSKIN Prederm - a special formula of active substances based on hyaluronic and succinic acid. The active ingredients which get into the skin by means of needles restore and moisturize it effectively.

Before use the complex should be collected according to the instructions. For quick recovery after the procedure with PERFOSKIN Home, we recommend using the postprocedural spray with hyaluronic and succinic acids ProfiDeLux!

Advantages of PERFOSKIN Home:

  1. Efficiency. The combination of several mechanisms of action in one tool allows you to get visible results in just 1 procedure.
  2. Universality. PERFOSKIN Home can be successfully used for both facial skin and for the most problematic areas of the body skin, which also needs proper care.
  3. Economy. The amount of the product is enough to process several zones in one procedure, for example, the face and neck and décolleté zone; hips and buttocks; belly and waist area.
  4. Easy to use. You can conduct an effective beauty procedure yourself at home. All you need is to read the instructions carefully.
  5. Security. The sterility and disposability of all components of PERFOSKIN Home excludes all infectious risks when applied.


With age, there inevitably comes a moment when previously effective and beloved skincare cosmetics are no longer able to meet the increased needs of the skin and cope with age-related changes.

PERFOSKIN Home is one of the most effective and safe anti-age procedures that can be conducted at home.

Indications for use on the face:

  • "Tired face". In the morning the skin looks young and fresh, but by the evening the complexion becomes dull, the corners of the lips and eyes drop, the face becomes tired.
  • The presence of wrinkles. Fine wrinkles on the forehead, in the area of ​​nasolabial folds, near the mouth may be the result of mimic activity and skin dehydration.
Unfortunately, taking care of skin almost all attention is paid only to the face, leaving aside the fact that the body is also affected by time - the body skin suffers from dryness, flabbiness and loss of elasticity as well.
Indications for use on the body:
Hips and buttocks: loss of skin tone and elasticity.
Belly: flabby abdominal skin due to pregnancy and childbirth, lack of exercise or unbalanced nutrition.
Neck and décolleté: dry skin, appearance of horizontal and vertical wrinkles.
Inner surface of the shoulder: decreased skin tone in this area as a result of insufficient physical exertion.

 *The result is individual and depends on the physiological characteristics of the organism of a particular person.

How to use the product correctly

Treat the skin with any antiseptic. If necessary, for anesthesia, use an anesthetic cream (sold at a pharmacy).

Consistently work out small areas of the skin in horizontal and vertical directions ("crosswise")

Try to observe the natural lines of skin tension on the face.

Try to observe the natural lines of skin tension on the body

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